My nephews asked for a Power Rangers Samurai birthday cake for their joint birthday party.

Most examples I found showed all the Power Rangers or just one… the boys each requested their favorite Ranger (Red and Gold) so I had to get creative.

I Made two 11 x 18 sheet cakes with 2 cake mixes in each pan. I Cut each in half and then layered 3 of the 4 pieces with buttercream adding sprinkles on each layer. This was a fun look when the cake was cut and a surprise for the guests eating it!

Then I used the final layer of cake to cut out the shape of the Red and the Gold Rangers. I used their photos from images I found on the internet as templates.

I then decorated each Ranger on his own board and transferred them to the top of the 3 layer sheet cake at the very end.

I Airbrushed the sheet cake in yellow and red, first time ever trying this Christmas present! It was fun to use and also used it with Americolor Gold Sheen for the Ranger, and boy, did that look nice! Especially on the Wilton Molding Dough. Spraying onto the buttercream worked but wasn’t as vibrant.  I’ll try not to use too much fondant/modeling dough as it’s not a favorite to eat.

if I would be doing this cake again I would use more of it on each Ranger to define their arms etc’. I did use it to make each Ranger 3-D in sections especially to show off their hands and swords.

The boys loved the cake and each Ranger and it all tasted great too!