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Cool Tiffany Box Bridal Shower Cake

My soon to be niece asked if I could make her bridal shower cake. Of course, I said sure. I asked her to send me a picture of what she wanted.

A couple of days later she sent me a picture of a Tiffany & Co. box and said that instead of it saying Tiffany & Co., she wanted it to say Weaver & Co.

That seemed simple enough to do. I then started looking on how to make the Tiffany blue and found it online. Then I looked up the font style of the actual Tiffany & Co. logo and found a similar font. I printed the Weaver & Co. on my printer and used that as my stencil in order to cut the letters out of black sugar paper.

I used a ribbon for the bow. I couldn’t find white ribbon with wire so I simply made the bow and used a little bit of super glue at the edges to make it stand and form the way I needed it to lay on the cake.

I bought a small handheld purse mirror that looked like a diamond engagement ring to put as a decoration on top of the cake.

Everyone loved the cake and couldn’t believe how wonderful it tasted. The cake was white with my own raspberry Bavarian mousse for the filling. It was definitely a hit at the bridal shower.



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