I made this Princess and the Frog cake for my best friend’s wedding shower. We have been friends since 3rd grade! She had been divorced previously and was hesitant to start dating again. After years of dating and many horrible first and last dates and failed relationships, she has found her Mr. Right. Before announcing their plans to marry she made a post on Facebook that read something like “I am so glad I made my way through the sea of frogs to find my prince.”

When she asked me to make her cake, I was so excited to do a play off of that post! I used two 10″ rounds. I used devils food cake and also used a caramel sauce to soak into the layers for extra flavor and moisture. I cut a wedge out of the top 10″ round and placed that on the top of the cake to create the “ledge” effect. The cake is covered in chocolate butter cream icing and decorated with fondant and green butter cream icing. The pond is made from MMF that was painted with green and blue food coloring. I used MMF to make the flowers, stones, and lily pads.

The bride and frog prince are also made from MMF. I used a stone texture mat to give the gray the stone look. The climbing vines and grass are green butter cream icing. The biggest challenge for me with this cake was making the bride!! This was my first fondant figure and I am including a picture of my first attempt. I texted my mom a picture of my first bride asking her did the bride look African American. The fondant was so soft, the bride just kept sinking lower and lower until she was very short and fat. I thought, well I could pose her as bent down on her knees by the pond? But after my mom said she DID look African American (the bride is not!) I decided I needed a re-do.

I really enjoyed making this cake and everyone at the wedding shower had nothing but great things to say. The shower was at a restaurant and the waitress took a picture of the cake on her phone and later asked for my business card! I have only done cakes for friends and family, never sold a cake in my life…LOL!