Coolest 2nd Birthday Car Cake

I made this 2nd birthday car cake for my baby boy when he turned two. Trying to come up with a cake or party theme idea was so hard because he never really enjoyed cartoons and such.

My son is fascinated with his dad’s car because it is super fast and that gave me an idea. :) I decided to make a cake replica of daddy’s car. I included an image with an inset of dad’s car.

I worked at night so the cake would be a surprise on his big day.

Shaping the cake was a nightmare. I even asked my husband, “Why do I still make my kids’ birthday cakes by myself!?!”

Seeing the look on my boy’s face with he saw the cake was priceless! :) It reminded me of why I do it. He jumped and screamed with excitement and could not believe it was a cake. In fact, he refused to let us cut it up. It took a fair amount of convincing, but he finally consented and it really made my day when he ate a piece and said, “Mmmm! It’s delicious.”

My sweet baby. I would do this all over again just to see your smile.

Coolest 2nd Birthday Car Cake