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Coolest 3D Yellow Submarine Cake Design

My friend and I made this Homemade 3D Yellow Submarine Cake Design for her sister’s 16th birthday. I had searched online trying to find ideas on how to make a 3d cake and wasn’t really coming up with anything impressive. So, I decided to Google “yellow submarine” to get an idea of what a 3 dimensional cake would need to look like.

I baked 2 11×15 pans of the Duncan Hines French vanilla cake. Made 4 batches of the Wilton’s butter cream recipe so that the frosting would be pure white. Got many compliments on the cake being moist and tasting good, which is the most important thing!!

I cut the 11×15 cakes in half (now have 4 pieces). Stacked 3 of the layers with a super thick butter cream in between the layers (used a wood cutting board under the cake board to support the weight). Wrapped this in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer overnight (12 hrs).

Next day I sculpted the shape out of the cake, using the extra half of the sheet cake to build up in areas that needed more definition. Used a dowel to secure the cake together.

We frosted a white “crumb coat” to make it easier to frost. Then applied the appropriate colored frosting to the areas needed. The 3d periscopes are made of mini-marshmallows. My friend put the marshmallows on a bent wire, covered in frosting and stuck them in the cake. The railing on top is made from licorice wheels cut to fit and secured with toothpicks. The “water” is just mashed up blue jello.

The cake tasted very good, took a long time to decorate, but was worth it. Being our first 3d cake, we were very happy with the outcome.

Homemade 3D Yellow Submarine Cake Design

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  1. Your yellow submarine cake is super! Just what I was looking for! My daughter is celebrating her golden birthday and recently discovered the Beatles! This is perfect. Thank you!


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