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Coolest 3rd Birthday Train Cake

I put this cake together for my grandson’s third birthday. He is a huge train fan and wanted a train cake. I started with a 14 inch diameter strawberry cake for the bottom layer. Covered it with blue homemade marshmallow fondant and went to the 2nd layer that is a 12 inch marbled strawberry / yellow cake covered with white marshmallow fondant. I added a third cake layer that was the train following the same color scheme. Kadein’s name was stenciled from fondant and added to the bottom layer. The middle layer needed something so I used red fondant to cut out bricks and fashioned a tunnel out of brown fondant. The mortor for the bricks is butter creme. The train cake is a lemon pound cake. The top layer was finished with yellow butter creme as was the embellishments around the base. On the base of the cake is a battery operated Thomas the Train that actually circles the cake. The tracks are held in place by ropes of fondant covered with butter creme stars. Two small Thomas trains are on the ledge of the second layer on black tracks of butter creme. To put it together and get to the party: Each layer is on an individual cake round. Dowel rods give each layer support. Dowels x3 run from the bottom layer through all the cake rounds and extend up several inches past the top layer. (through a cake round waiting for the train to be placed on it. They were sharpened in advance into stakes. The train was lowered on the sharpened dowels and secured in place, before completing its decoration.



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