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Coolest 6th Birthday Rock Climbing Cake

This rock climbing cake is a 3-layered chocolate cake coated with Swiss Meringue butter cream. I used a 9-inch round pan and a 4×4-inch square pan. The square piece is cut into 2 parts for stacking later on. For more height, I decided to cut each piece horizontally for layering and used a caramel filling alternately with Swiss meringue butter cream for a total of 5 layers. To help stabilize the layers, I scaffolded with 3 cake pop sticks.

For the finishing touches, I used marshmallow fondant for the cake topper (the number 6 on bamboo skewers), my son’s name (letters on toothpicks), climbing stones, ropes and the little climber. My fondant was a very pale pink – the brand I used had an assortment of pink and white – but the gel paste covered all that nicely. I saved some white marshmallows for skin-colored fondant.

For perfect looking letters, I printed off MS Word and transferred that onto soft cardboard as a template to use when carving out the fondant letters.

The cake needed to be transported to the climbing venue so I added the cake topper and letters last (when we arrived, just to make sure!) The kids helped decorate by adding the ropes where they saw fit. This cake generously served 7 kids and 8 adults, some went for seconds and there was heaps to take home too!


Coolest 6th Birthday Rock Climbing Cake

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