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Coolest Army Fort Cake

I used a 9 inch layer cake (used 3 layers), set the theme for my son’s 5th birthday party, army style and made the army fort cake. I put the layers together with buttercream icing, then iced the entire cake with brown tinted buttercream (save some white icing for the door, and also some to tint green), trying to get as smooth a finish as possible.

It’s best to put any writing on top at this point, when it’s easiest to access. The corner posts go on next (I used Pirouline wafer rolls), glue with a little icing, followed by tiny stars around the entire top edge of the cake. I bought a tub of Betty Crocker chocolate icing for these.

The corner pieces on top are Little Debbie type snacks – these were chocolate covered cakes (need 6 total); place one in each corner, then a half on the diagonal. Pipe more stars around top edges of these cakes as well. I bought a little plastic army figure, although I had to chop his legs off to make him the right height – glue him on with some icing. Pipe in the doorway, line up 4 more of the wafers. If desired, add some green bushes/grass along the front.

Flag pole is another wafer roll, with a little paper flag iced to the top. The wafers at the front door and flag pole are topped with a large star tip. The white icing around the top edges just gave it a little contrast. I again just used a star tip.

This cake got rave reviews, and our guests couldn’t believe it was homemade! It was one of the easier cakes that I’ve made for my kids, with a great result.

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  1. goodness me! what a fab job you have done on this cake…..it looks so yummy

    you certainly thought a lot about it……have thought of everything

    well done


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