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Coolest Homemade Pink Basket-Weave Baby Carriage Cake

This Baby Carriage Cake was made for a friend’s baby shower!

I baked 2-10″ round cakes and crumb coated them to prevent crumbs from coming through! They were stacked and then final coated with homemade butter cream. I marked and divided the cake into 4 parts, 1/4, 1/4 & 1/2! The top left 1/4 was final iced in light pink, the right in white while the bottom 1/2 wasn’t final iced to prevent having too much icing!

The bottom was basket weaved with tip #21, with a reverse shell border along top of 1/2! The upper left 1/4 was bordered with a reverse shell to divide the 2-1/4’s. Tip #3 was used to create the scribble on the 1/4 to create the hood of the carriage, with a line with tip #14. The right upper 1/4 was final iced white for the background and the baby’s head was piped with tip #12 in a continuous circle, the facial features and hair was piped with tip #3.

The carriage wheels were tip #12, white icing, with outline with tip #14 and rosette middle also with tip #14!

Cake was a HIT! I love a challenge!