My client needed a baby shower cake, and chose this design. Since it was a small event, they didn’t need a lot of cake, so instead of sculpting, I opted to make the decorations from Rice Krispie Treats. I created the legs, feet, and baby bottom from the treats, and then covered them in fondant I had dyed flesh color.

I next assembled the decorations and put them on top of the cake. I made a diaper by covering the rump part with white fondant, and then added ruffles, which not only created a diaper look but also hid the seam between the rump and the legs. I created a baby blanket from plain fondant. I made polka dots from pastel colors and used that on the blanket and the cake to tie the themes together. The same fondant was used to make ribbons and the bows, creating the last detail of the cake.

The client said the cake was gobbled down, and they even ate the legs and feet! The cake was as much fun to eat as it was to look at, the perfect compliment!