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Coolest Baby Carriage Cake

I made this baby carriage cake for a baby shower. She was feeding quite a bit of guests so just one cake would not do. I made a sheet cake, 11×14, and then set the carriage cake on top. I made the sheet with chocolate cake mix and the carriage was yellow cake. That way each guest had a choice.

I frosted the sheet cake smooth with a matching color, in this case blue. With having to set the carriage on top of the sheet cake, I did not frosten the cake smooth. I used Wilton star tip 18 to decorate the white all around the carriage. Then I just used multiple sized star tips to finish the rest of the carriage.

The most difficult part was centering the carriage on top of the sheet cake. I had to have an extra set of hands. We had the carriage on a sheet cake board from Wilton. We held the board about 1 inch from the sheet cake and had it centered. Using a spatula, I slid the cake off the board and the husband pulled the actual board away. Ended up having to go fast so the cake would not break.

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