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Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Birthday Cake

This Baby Einstein Caterpillar Birthday Cake was my son’s 1st birthday cake. It was also my first attempt at a custom birthday cake. It took some time to make but was so worth it!

Baby Einstein was the birthday theme and this is how the caterpillar cake was created:

The bottom of the cake is a large rectangle pan using 2 cake boxes. I frosted it with chocolate and used crushed Oreo’s as dirt. I used green gel to add some tufts of grass.

The body was made out of Wilton’s ball pan. Each section is half a ball and is colored white frosting using Wilton’s gel frosting color to match the Baby Einstein caterpillar. I frosted these separately before placing on the dirt.

The eyes are open mini Oreo’s and the cheeks are the other half covered in pink frosting. The mouth was made with black gel. The antennas are lollipops covered in pink frosting also.

The feet and tail were made using the same frosting as the face and I used a frosting funnel to make them. I bought the candle and that ended up being the finishing touch.

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