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Cute and Colorful Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

This Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake took about eight hours in which I felt like my arm and hand were going to fall off towards the end but I was so pleased with the outcome. I would also recommend making the frosting ahead of time and store them in disposable plastic containers so you can throw them out after wards and not worry about the mess.

I baked the cakes a day ahead of time. I used the Winston Ball Cake to make the five individual cakes. I used Pillsbury Funfetti for one in which I don’t recommend because it was too moist and sticks to the pan. For the decorating I was fortunate enough to have the exact colors that were used on the back of the DVD cover. I used a Wilton #16 tip for the stars and the writing tip for the cheeks, eyes, and mouth.

I believe I used the 2A large round tip to pipe the feet. I used Dum Dum lollipops for the antennae and dipped the stem in leftover red frosting. I decorated them on paper plates on parchment paper to transfer easily. For the base I used a foam poster board to accommodate the size.

After decorating, I stored the individual cakes in the refrigerator overnight. I then transferred the cakes to the board and cut the parchment using a box cutter or exacto knife leaving a small tab to help rearrange the cake. Once I found the right placement, I piped the feet and cut the remaining tabs. Everyone loved it! Thanks everyone for the tips!!

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