My daughter asked me to make a baby shower cake for a friend of hers, she didn’t know what she was having so she decided to go for lemon and mint green. I started by making the decorations for the cake.

I made flowers using 1/2 roll out icing, 1/2 flower paste and used my daisy cutters and placed these in a flower former to give them shape when dry. I then made the bootees using just roll out fondant in white and with mint icing I made the ribbon and then placed two pearls to finish the bootee off. I then made the nappy pins. I used a silicon mold I purchased off eBay, it’s brilliant. I just pressed flower paste into the mold making sure I scrape off any excess paste and gently eased it out of the mold. I then left these to dry out. With some yellow roll out icing darker than the cake covering, I made a duck and then made it a beak out of orange. I made two white eyes and when dry with a icing pen I drew on the eyes.

I baked an 8″ 3 layer vanilla sponge and a 4 1/2″ 2 layer vanilla sponge. These were left to cool and then filled with butter cream and jam and then I covered the two cakes in butter cream and chilled them in the freezer. Meanwhile I colored 1.5kg of white roll out icing in lemon and when the cakes were chilled I covered the two cakes. The bottom tied I used 3 doweling rods as a support for the cake. I placed the smaller cake onto of the other attaching with royal icing, then I rolled out a mint strip approx. 1 1/2 ” wide and attached this around the cake. Then using flower paste and roll out icing mixed in the mint color, I made the bow (I had to wait till now so I knew what size to make). I placed some kitchen roll rolled up through the bow so it dried puffed up and not flat.

The next day I attached the bow to the cake and then I rolled out some more mint roll out icing in a strip the same as the ribbon I made the day before and I made the tails for the bow. I now made some more strips and ruffled these around the cake. I pipe iced around the base of the cake. I now attached the flowers around the cake and one in the center of the bow with some royal icing, and then attached the nappy pins. I then attached small pearl balls around the cake, finally I attached the bootees and the duck to the top of the cake.

One thing left to do now was pipe ice yellow royal icing in the center of each flower. The cake was now finished. My daughter loved it.