My sister in law’s friend wanted a hospital bed cake with a nurse sitting on it for a relations 70th birthday. I agreed to make it for her as I hadn’t made one like this before and this would be a challenge for me and I love a challenges.

I worked out how big the bed was to be and cut out a template and then I drew a template for the head board and foot board and also the side rails. The headboard, foot board and rails were made using roll out icing and flower paste so that it hardened. These were cut out in white, left to harden and then painted using silver metallic dust mixed with a little alcohol and then set aside.

I then made the nurse using 1/2 flower paste, 1/2 roll out icing. I colored enough for the body in navy blue, some in skin color for head, arms and feet and some in yellow for the hair and modeled this into the nurse and set it aside to dry out for a couple of weeks. I then made the hat for the nurse and attached this using a little royal icing. Now I drew on the eyes and mouth and wrote the name on a small piece of flower paste I had put aside to dry for the nurse’s badge and attached this when the name had dried.

I now cut out the table out of a template I had made earlier to make sure it was the right size and molded the table support using 1/2 flower paste, 1/2 roll out icing and set this aside to dry out. I made some cards out of flower paste and some slippers and a glass. I cheated with the Campaign, I used a plastic ready made bottle. I also made the pillows out of roll out icing and set these aside to dry.

When all the items were dry and it was 3 days to the collection date I made an A4 size cake in vanilla sponge and cut this to size using a template I made earlier. I filled with jam and butter cream and then covered in a layer of butter cream and placed in the freezer until chilled and then I covered it in pink icing 2/3 of the cake and the rest was covered in white icing placing a strip of white icing to resemble the sheets turned over. I set this aside over night to harden, meanwhile with the left over cake I molded it into the shape I needed to make the cupboard and then covered in a thin layer of butter cream and chilled before icing with some icing I had colored in light brown marble effect. With the excess brown icing I cut out a square to fit on the top of the cupboard and cut out the draws and made some draw knobs. I attached these all together using a little royal icing and left overnight with the rest of the things I had made. I now covered the cake board in white icing and made square indents to represent tiles on the floor.

The next day it was time to assemble the cake together. I attached the cake onto the board and pipe iced around the cake. I then attached all the rails to the bed and placed the table aside the bed, then placed the nurse on the bed and placed the cupboard the side of the bed and pipe iced around this, then I attached the cards to the cupboard and the table and attached the glass and the bottle, and attached the slippers by the side of the bed.

To finish off I cut out the lettering for the message and placed this in place on the cake board. She was over the moon with the end result and so was I.