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Awesome Homemade Baseball Field Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Homemade Baseball Field Birthday Cake and this is where my imagination took it. I’ve made cakes in the past for my two sons and somehow I always try to incorporate lighting or noise effects. This one for example has functioning stadium lights and a lit up score board.

It’s a white cake with green fondariffic icing and Graham crackers for the in-field. The dugouts were made from rice krispy treats dyed gray. The bleachers were made from kit-kat bars and the fans are gummy bears stuck to the bleachers with Karo syrup. This was four boxes of cake place together then trimmed to match the cut card board underneath. Then the green fondant was applied and cut for the infield and baselines.

Then the bases were just cut from white fondant. The kids loved being able to turn on the lights. They were torn between eating it or playing with it.

Homemade Baseball Field Birthday Cake

Homemade Baseball Field Birthday Cake

Homemade Baseball Field Birthday Cake

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  1. What did you use for the fencing. It looks like you used something from a train set for the lights and scoreboard – is this true?? If not, what was used.

  2. I had to make the lights and scoreboard. Used two peices of wood, routered the inside to hide the wiring and drilled holes to stick just the bulbs thru. Ran the wire down the plastic tubes to a switched battery pack. the scoreboard was done the same but the face of the scoreboard I made on the computer and printed on transperent sticker paper and placed the lights were In the correct holes.

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