Coolest B.O.B. Cupcakes

My son wanted a Monster’s vs. Aliens themed party for his 5th birthday. We always send in cupcakes to school. From a cupcake book, I got the idea of how to get BOB’s shape on the cupcake.

You need to make regular cupcakes, and mini cupcakes. You also need a box of vanilla donut holes (Munchkins) and canned icing.

I put a regular cupcake on the bottom. Peel the cupcake wrapper of the small cupcake, and attach it on top of the big cupcake with icing. Then you attach a Munchkin on top of that with more icing. I then put a little more icing around the mini cupcake and Munchkin to make sure it was secured. Then you put it in the freezer. You want to make sure it is good and secure. I made all mine, and put them in the freezer the night before I iced them.

To ice them, you need to put canned icing in a microwaveable measuring cup, and microwave it 5-10 seconds at a time. Take it out, stir and microwave it more as needed. You want it to melt to be the consistency of Elmer’s glue. I add blue food coloring. When it’s ready, take a cupcake, hold it upside down, and dip it in the icing until its completely covered (only up to the wrapper), and let any excess drip off.

I did this for all the cupcakes, the I made a circle with white icing for the eye, and put a red M&M in the middle. I used chocolate icing to make the dot on the M&M, and to draw the mouth. And there you have BOB! You get a nice smooth consistency, by dipping it in the icing. The kids loved them!

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  1. I saved this photo to do with the kids for Halloween! Everyone was impressed with this idea! I just hope that it works out! Totally ingenious!!!


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