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Coolest Bubble Guppies Cake for a 3 Year Old Girl

I finally decided to make this Bubble Guppies cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. It took her months changing her mind to decide she wanted a Bubble Guppies cake. The cake was a simple French vanilla batter and the filling was half peaches and half strawberries. The frosting was a Swiss meringue butter cream colored blue for the water and green for the grass.

Molly and Gil are made out of a mixture of fondant and gum paste, that were colored using liquid food coloring according to a template that I found online. Some of the colors used were blue, a mixture of orange , red and some yellow was used to create their skin color, green for Gil’s fin and a very little blue to make a some what tie-dyed affect for Molly’s fin and top.

To make the curled look in Molly’s hair I used a tooth pick to do the details. This cake was so much fun to make and pretty simple, I had some assistance from the birthday girl and my 1 year old with the taste tasting.