Meet the Bubble Guppies

My neighbor Cindi called me and told me that I had made her daughter’s graduation cake a few weeks ago (ordered by someone else) and she was wondering if I knew what Bubble Guppies were. I did not but told her I would investigate. I went online and watched the cartoon and fell in love with them.

Cindi worked with a gal that had little money and wanted to give her son his first birthday party Cindi told her she would take care of the cake and all she knew was that Bubble puppy was Kaesyn’s favorite character, so he had to be the main event.

This cake is a marble sheet cake with butter cream frosting and fondant hand created in the forms of some of the Bubble Guppies. When Cindi saw the cake her mouth droped and she was pleased as I was also amazed at how it came out. She stated that Kaesyn and his mom were so excited to see the cake and Cindi asked me if I would be interested in making her son’s wedding cake-how exciting is that!!


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