Coolest Building Bricks Cake

This Building Bricks cake was an adventure that my 9-yr old son and I went on. He is a huge collector and really enjoys all the food challenge shows on TV. So, when he came to me with the idea to do it, of course I said yes!

I gave him the pre-colored fondant that he cut out with a pizza cutter into rectangles for the sides of the cake. He then used that to make the smaller pieces on the outer edge to look like it connected the side to the top.

The larger “Best Building Bricks” connector center pieces are marshmallow treats covered with the same fondant and also that fondant rolled into the studs.

I baked two 13×9 white cakes and stacked them with a milk chocolate icing between. I also put a homemade buttercream icing on the outer layer before placing the pre-rolled fondant on. I knew we wouldn’t actually be eating our (personal choice)fondant and that was for that reason. The cake tasted GREAT!

I truly feel that my Ben really showed off his mad skills and as for me that has never worked with a piece of fondant at all,(and then it be that big!) it turned out way better than we could have ever hoped! Everyone really thought it was clever and enjoyed it.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Building Bricks Cake”

  1. I like how you did this. It’s given me some good ideas for my son’s Lego party in April! Thanks!!

  2. thank you for your tips, my son has been driving me crazy about a Lego birthday party but I could find any grocery store bakery’s that offer that option. I’m no baker but for him I will at least try it and with your tips I feel more confident I might be able to do it

  3. The best part is that you were able to make it together! Making memories together. Congrats as it looks great!

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