This Homemade Camping Birthday Cake was designed for a double birthday party that had a camp out theme. Each of the birthday kids got to choose their favorite color for the tent and then I tried to make a likeness of them peeking out of through the tent flap. I also made a sign to place by each tent because all kids like seeing their names in print (or food coloring, in this case).

This was a double layer, 10″ round cake, covered and filled with green butter cream frosting. The trees around the sides and in the background are made from candy melts piped onto wax paper.

All of the decorative elements are made from fondant. The tents were shaped by making a cardboard triangular frame, covering it in wax paper and then forming the rolled out fondant on it – letting it dry overnight after shaping the tent flap and adding the trim around the flap. The stakes are fondant on the ends of dry spaghetti noodles.

The log, the hatchet, the s’mores are all fondant and were all allowed to dry for a couple of days so they kepts their shape perfectly when added to the cake. The campfire is made from fondant rocks and logs, mashed up graham cracker crumbs and candy melt flames.