Awesome Homemade Black Car Cake Made with the Wilton 3D Cruiser Pan

This car cake was made for my friend’s daughter when she turned Sweet 16! She got a black car for her birthday so she wanted the cake to go with it. I used the Wilton Car pan to make the cake…it took 1 1/2 batches of batter. I made it with 1, and it barely baked up the wheels halfway!

Anyway, I iced it and covered it in homemade fondant tinted with Wilton Black icing color, pressing in where the windows are. I rolled a very small piece for the door handles on each side. To make it shiny, I applied a very thin coat of some black sparkling gel icing. I tinted some of the fondant gray for the windows and hubcaps. I used white fondant for the headlights and license plate (which is piped with her name and a red heart using tip #1) and red fondant for the tail lights. The fenders are black fondant. The tires are black tinted icing piped with tip #12.

For the bottom cake, I baked 2 11×15 cakes and layered them together. I iced the sides in white. I put plastic support dowels under the car and then iced black stars with tip #17 around it to look like a road. I then piped the pink letters with tip #16 and then piped the red stars around the letters. The grass is icing tinted with Wilton Leaf Green and piped with tip #233. I had a little leftover white fondant so I used my flower cutter and impression mat from the Wilton Gum Paste Flower Cutter set to make a few little flowers and put a dot of yellow icing in the center.