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Coolest Carolina Panther Football Cap Birthday Cake

The Carolina Panther football cap birthday cake is made from a Wilton wonder mold pan. The bill is gum paste molded from a real baseball cap, and left to dry over the real cap with a layer of plastic wrap in between for several days.  I used wax paper and cut a mold of the bill using the ball cap as my guide for cutting the shape from the colored gum paste.

Fondant covers the ball cap cake, using the real cap as a model, made lines and air holes. The logos were made using a sugar sheet and an edible printer. They are backed with fondant to show well on the black cap. The back of the cap has a 50 to represent his birthday age.  (I need a new set of cutters, the 5 looks like on upside down 2.) The cake, the caps sits on is a 12 x 12, covered in butter cream.  The accents are made from marshmallow fondant.

The design was created on a piece of greased wax paper cutting down as needed to fit the sides of the cake.  Picking up the entire design then placed as one sheet onto the cake, rubbing lightly to get it all to stick before carefully removing the wax paper. I placed dowels in the large cake where the cap cake is resting. There is also a large dowel under the button on top of the cap that extends down through both cakes. This will hold the cap cake in place while traveling. Cannot wait to show off at the party.

Coolest Carolina Panther Football Cap Birthday Cake

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