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Coolest Caterpillar Cake from Baby Einstein

This Caterpillar Cake from Baby Einstein was a cake that was easy to make and super fun to decorate! It all started when I received a huge 1st birthday party pack for free with the Baby Einstein theme, so we decided to go with it for my son’s 1st birthday which was just right around the corner!

I used 3 cake mixes, and metal mixing pans to create the round shapes. The feet of the caterpillar are made from cup cakes. Each round shape of the body was a different color cake, was real cute! I used 4 tubs of frosting, all white which I then used food coloring to dye the appropriate colors to match the actually caterpillar from the popular baby show.

I then tinted coconut green for the grass. And then added gummy worms and gum drops for ‘snakes and flowers’. The eyes are chocolate covered cherries, which great-Grandma loved! And the antennas are Twizzlers, the smile is black gel frosting and two red gum drops to complete the smile. I simply covered a wood board with foil and went from there!

If using your metal mixing bowls for cake pans, make sure to lower the temperature of your oven by about 50 degrees, increase baking time and grease and flour each pan liberally. They will then slide out with ease. A week before, I experimented as to have a success when it was time to bake the ‘real thing.’

This was a fun to make cake that ended up being the hit of the party!

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