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Coolest Cemetery Worker Birthday Cake

This Cemetery Worker Birthday Cake I made for a co-worker’s birthday at the cemetery that I was working at. I used the butter cream icing recipe from the Wilton website. I also used the butter cake recipe from their website.

I made all of the decorations on the cake out of fondant. The only thing non edible was the sucker sticks that I used to keep the parts in place. I used candy markers to write on the cake. The rocks around the border were chocolate and I didn’t make those. I purchased them last minute because they were perfect and I couldn’t see spending the time making them for the price.

The man buried in paperwork was my version of a caricature of the real guy. The shovel says “we dig you” and the monument says “Happy Birthday Dan”. The cake went over well and brought a lot of laughs.

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  1. Hello, could you please tell how you got your grass to look like grass, is there a special tool you can use or is it piped?

    Would very much appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance.



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