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Coolest Christmas Tree Cake

My son has a mid-December birthday and for his 5th birthday decided he wanted a Christmas Tree cake.

I found a Wilton Christmas tree pan that made the cake in the shape I needed so easily. I used the Pillsbury Baking spray with flour and didn’t have any issues with the cake sticking. My son chose Red Velvet for the cake and the contrast from the red cake to the green icing was perfect.

I made a single batch of Wilton’s classic butter cream icing recipe (found it online easily) and dyed most of it green using Wilton’s leaf green food paste. I dyed a couple little bits yellow and red for the presents and star.

Using a star tip, I covered the entire cake, except the trunk, with green stars. The trunk was covered using store bought chocolate icing and a basket weave (the ribbed side) tip in straight lines to look like bark. We used M&M’s (with the ‘m’ side down) for the ornaments. The garland is just red icing using a leaf tip. I piped a star at the top and used my find covered in cornstarch to pat it flat and into shape.

My son informed me that our tree needed presents, so I took rectangle shaped Danish butter cookies (from one of those Christmas tins of cookies) and decorated a few to look like presents.

His party was the week before Christmas and everyone loved the Christmas Tree cake!

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