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Coolest Christmas Tree Cake

This Christmas tree cake just has to be the easiest cake to do, but so effective. I made it for the neighborhood Christmas street party.

Firstly, I painted a triangle piece of card green, then decorated the outer edge with golden Christmas tree decoration. The star was just card covered in tin foil.

I made some plain butter cupcakes, (packet mix). Then covered with frosting that I had added yellow food dye too.

Then added some green dye to fondant icing, which I made mini Christmas trees from. I had to draw my own tree template place it over the icing then used a knife to cut into shape, although very time consuming but very effective.

Finally, I added the decorations on the tree using the writing icing tubes brought form supermarkets.

So if like me, you are not very experienced in the cake making and decorating department, this cake looked so effective and yet was so easy.

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