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Coolest Chuggington Brewster Cake

I started this Chuggington Brewster Cake with 2 9X13 cakes, and cut them in 3 pieces approx 4X9 (I was making 3 cakes, 1 each of all 3 trainees, Wilson Brewster and Koko). To make just 1 train I would recommend using a 9X13 cake and cutting it so it is 4.5X13, it will make the train more to scale, as mine are a bit short.

To make the Brewster cake I cut a piece about 2 inches long off of one end of one of the cake sections. I then layered the shortened section on top of one of the longer sections. I used the 2inch piece by cutting the depth in half and adding it in front of the piece that it was cut from.

Using one of my son’s toys as a guide, I outlined the doors, windows, etc using butter cream icing. Once I had the outline made I filled in the sections using a #17 star tip. I then went over the lines using a round tip, and added the details, like the horn, wipers and eyes.

For Brewster all you need is blue and yellow icing, and a tiny bit of white and brown/black for the eyes and nose.

Homemade Chuggington Brewster Cake

Homemade Chuggington Brewster Cake

Homemade Chuggington Brewster Cake

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