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Coolest Cleveland Browns Birthday Cake

I made this Cleveland Browns Birthday Cake for a friend at work for his “50th” birthday and obviously is a Brown’s fan.

First I bought the T-shirt cake pan off of a local website and used a cake mix from a box. I did not fill this cake at all.

I simply iced the cake with buttercream icing then covered it with the fondant icing I had colored the night before.

I layed on the fondant icing and made a little name plate for the man who turned “50”. I could have done the number better but I just free handed it with a knife because it was getting late and wanted it too be done. I then just layed on some white fondant to cover the sleeves and put on the orange stripes and called it a night.

I used the cake release on this pan because it seems to come out of shape pans better than just Crisco and flower.

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