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Coolest Skate Park Birthday Cake

The Skate Park Birthday Cake was an idea I had when my son told me he wanted a skate board party for his 12th birthday.

The half pipe, is a three layer cake with butter cream icing between each layer. The sides and top are made with rolled fondant.

Use a 9 x 13 or larger cake pan. I cut the rounded top using a cake leveler (If you do not have a leveler use a piece of thread that will reach across the cake). Icing between each layer and stack layers three high.

To cut out the half moon shape I marked both sides and the top by using icing with a #2 tip. I then free handed the cut with the cake leveler. Be sure to save the cut out section for the other platform on the side of the cake. Leave about 3-4in. on the top of each side of the cake.

Frost the entire cake. Roll out the fondant to cover the entire cake. Lay fondant in the center of the cut out section and work it outward in all directions. Once the cake is covered, trim excess fondant. To make the brick section I used the back side of a plastic knife to indent grooves into the fondant. To color, mix black coloring paste with water to thin paste then apply with a paint brush.

I left the top white on this cake but you can make the top look like wood by using the same technique with thinning brown paste. Apply yolk around the top of the platform to separate the top from the sides. Apply grass around bottom.

The skate boards are finger board by Tech Deck which can be bought at most Walmarts or toy stores. The characters are hard to find that match up with the scale of the boards and cake.

To make the rail platform use the cut out piece of cake and cut it in whatever shape you would like. I mixed up gray icing and covered this section (ran out of fondant). You can make the rail out of flexible straws or out of wooden skewers using a hot glue gun to put them together.

This was a difficult and time consuming cake but well worth the reaction that it was given. Good luck and have fun.

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