Cute Homemade Club Penguin Cake

I made this for my Homemade Club Penguin Cake for my “crazy” daughter’s 9th Birthday party. She loved it! I made the snowy scene with layers of icing in different colors. The “puffles” are sideways turned frosted cupcakes. Their eyes are small marshmallows cut almost in half with dots of frosting. Each “puffle” has a different expression I drew with chocolate frosting and pieces of fruit roll-up for tongues.

I “picked” the frosting at the top of each “puffle” to make it look furry. The igloo is crispy rice treats molded in a large bowl and turned upside-down, frosted and decorated. The igloo entrance is a cupcake turned on its side facing top forward with a quarter of cupcake on each side of it. I frosted it all to look like an arched entrance.

I topped the igloo with a “Rockhopper” figurine and a printed Club Penguin flag attached to a straw. I used Wilton food coloring gel mixed in white butter cream frosting.

The party guests ate more of the crispy rice treats than they usually do cake. Crispy rice treats mold easily into shapes once they start to cool. I spray my hands with cooking spray to keep them from sticking.

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