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Cool Homemade 3D Igloo Club Penguin Cake

My son was determined to have this Club Penguin Cake but no where could I find a tin. In the end I bought a pudding dish from a charity shop, it worked and only cost 50p! I found that the penguins were inclined to get shorter and fatter if the icing was over worked so had to let it dry out for a few hours before modeling.

In the end it was fun but my favorite part were the fish, they don’t show so well on the photo but they were grey icing with edible ink scales then lightly sprayed with silver luster, they looked great! A big time saving part was finding a blue cake board in my local shop saved me making the sea. I tried to make the igloo entrance out of cake but it just didn’t look any good so used just a bridge of fondant and mixed a bit of blue with black to give a bit of depth.

Big failure I think were the Puffle expressions, if I was to do it again I would use white icing and cut the faces out! Tried to save time and it shows. My son however loved the fact that the red one looks like it is going to a sneaky toilet stop round the corner, that wasn’t planned1

Homemade Club Penguin Cake

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