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Cute Homemade 2 Tiered Curious George Birthday Cake

My son loves Curious George so I made this Curious George birthday cake for his second birthday. I got ideas from looking at cakes on this website.

I made a square cake and a round one and placed one on top of the other. The cakes were a chocolate. I used Royal Icing and chose colours from the movie which were red, yellow, blue and green. I painted on the palm trees and bananas with food colouring and used zoo animal candles.

I also used the Royal Icing to make the balloons that Curious George in the picture is holding onto. For the cake topper I sculpted a hat with yellow icing and I used licorice around the base of the hat as well as the cake, and the picture is from a DVD cover which I cut and pasted onto a plastic plate.

I also found glitter gel to make zig zag lines on top of the round cake. The entire party had a jungle theme, with bananas and crepe paper for vines and palm trees. Afterwards we gave the kids bubbles which Curious George loved in the movie.

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