Easy Homemade Curious George Cake

My daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday on the 4th of July. Her favorite character is Curious George. When I checked out the local stores for a Curious George cake, all they would do is place plastic characters on an ordinary cake of your choosing – which I thought was pathetic.

I finally located a store (about 45 minutes drive away) who would actually frost Curious George but they wanted $30 for a 9×13 cake which was tres cher for my pockets! My experience in decorating cakes was limited to smearing frosting all over it and writing Happy Birthday out on it. Nevertheless I decided to give it a go.

I downloaded a George picture from pbskids.org. I traced the outline onto parchment paper. I then cut out the picture into two sections (1) the face part and (2) the head/ear part. I then mixed a little bit of brown food coloring into white fondant (purchased from our local Meijers) and mixed it thoroughly so that it had a smooth even brown color.

I rolled out the fondant into a 1/8″ thick tortilla, placed the face part (1) on the tortilla and cut out the face using the pointed edge of a paring knife. I then added a little more brown food coloring to make a darker brown fondant, rolled out another tortilla, placed the head/ear part (2) on the tortilla and cut out the head portion. I then joined the head and face of the cut out fondant like a jigsaw puzzle and placed it on a 8″ round previously baked and cooled chocolate cake.

I used a black frosting tube to fill in the eyes, nose and mouth and to outline the whole picture. My daughter and all our guests loved it!

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