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Adorable Homemade Curious George Face Cake

I made this Curious George cake using a round 28cm (11 inch) cake pan, and a basic dense chocolate cake batter. I printed out the picture of George (drawn to size on the computer) and cut around it, using some of the off-cuts to construct his ears and flick of hair.

I fixed the ears with chocolate buttercream, and applied a layer to the entire cake, to fill in all the small holes and make a nice flat surface for the fondant to stick to. I then covered the entire cake in chocolate fondant (ready-to-roll icing). Once I was happy with it, I coloured some white fondant with flesh colouring, and cut out the shape of the face and ears (using the print as a guide) and applied it to the base layer using sugar glue (bought on Ebay).

Next were the eyes, using some white fondant and a small round cookie cutter. I then coloured some chocolate fondant black (using gel colouring) for the pupils (smaller round cutter) and then carefully rolled the black fondant into very thin rope to apply as an outline for the nose, mouth and ears and applied with sugar glue. This was the trickiest part of the whole process.

Definitely a labor of love but so worth it to see my son’s reaction!

8 thoughts on “Adorable Homemade Curious George Face Cake”

  1. This cake is unbelievable! My friend just asked me to make her son a Curious George cake, but I just don’t think I could be this awesome! Great Job! I am jealous!

  2. It looks just like George! I am planning a CG themed birthday party for my 2 year old son and want a fondant cake because it looks so much smoother and better than the messy icing ones.
    I asked around and the cheapest one for 30 people is $250! I might just have roll up the sleeves and do this.

  3. your cake came out so awesome! I am going to try and attempt it because my son is turning 2 and he loves curious George! well good luck to me and again…your cake is awesome!

  4. I love this and want to make one for my son too! I have no experience with fondant other than eating it. I wish I had this pic but I have one on a birthday tee I bought him I will try to scan and print it out as a template. Thanks for this great idea!!!!


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