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Cute Homemade Carved Curious George Cake

I made this Curious George cake for a friend of mine whose son loves Curious George. It was a huge hit! I started out by drawing Curious George. For the head, I traced the 9″ round cake pan on a piece of paper and drew from there.

I made a 9″ round cake (for the head) and then a 4QT (15x10x2 IN) pan for the body. Once cakes are done, let them cool for 10 minutes then flip out of the pan on a wire rack and let completely cool. Then, I wrapped it in plastic wrap and froze the cake. This makes it a lot easier to cut the cake out.

Once frozen, cut the cake using the templates. Place the pieces in the desired position on a foil covered piece of cardboard. Re-freeze to make it easier to frost. If you let the cake defrost, you will have a very hard time frosting the parts of the cake that were cut and pieces of cake will get in your frosting. You may have to frost parts of it, refreeze, then frost again.

For the lighter brown frosting, I used vanilla frosting and added enough cocoa to make the color of brown I wanted. For the inside of the mouth, I added red food coloring to vanilla frosting to make a light pink, then a darker pink to lip.

When doing the face, I will cut up my template to make it easier to score the parts of the face. I cut the face away from the head and cut out the eyes and mouth to know where they go.

Once I have done the all the frosting, I will outline the mouth, eyes, ears, the face and the arms, legs, hands and toes to make them stand out.

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