This Curious George cake was made for my grandson’s 2nd birthday party. I used a Bear cake mold from William’s Sonoma and modified it to look like George. With the mold I filled the ears of the mold with tin foil and then fashioned ears out of fondant.

For the covering of the cake I used brown tinted sugar that was held on by using an egg white wash. This left the cake inedible in my opinion. The mold comes in two pieces and Williams Sonoma actually gave a class on making this cake that was really helpful. The trick was getting a very good cooking spray so the cake comes free from the mold without breaking.

You then use frosting to hold the two pieces together and let it set up overnight. The fondant was a bit tricky to get to size for his face and coat. It took many tries to get the face to fit but once it did I think it turned out well. I used a cake mix in a box but with no added ingredients as the more moist it is the more fragile it will be. My grandson loved this cake and to this day still loves to just look at the picture of it!