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Cool Homemade Buttercream Curious George Cake

I made this white layer cake for my daughter’s 3rd Curious George themed birthday party.

I used boxed cake mix with frosting between the layers. I used canned frosting for the entire thing and colored it as needed. I started by frosting the entire cake in yellow.

I had found the picture that I used for the cake online. It was cute, because it also happened to match the invitations for the party. I printed the picture and taped waxed paper to it. I then traced the picture on the waxed paper using a small tip in black frosting. To make the black frosting, I mixed chocolate frosting with black coloring.

Once I had traced the entire picture, I carefully flipped the waxed paper over on top of the cake where I wanted it. This left an outline that I could use as a guide.

Once I had the outline, I mixed up a bunch of different colors and started filling in the birthday hat, cake, face, hands and feet, and frosting bag. I thinned the frosting out a bit so that it would spread more easily. I used a toothpick as a sort of paint brush to spread the color. It was like coloring in a coloring book!

Once those were complete, I filled George’s body in with chocolate frosting using a star tip. At the end, I went over all of the outline again with black. I also added the “Happy Birthday” and “Bree”.

She just loved her Curious George Cake, and I could tell she appreciated the time I spent on it.

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