Coolest Daisy Flower Cake

I made this Daisy Flower cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. The cake base was made from a 12″ square Wilton cake pan cut in half and stacked to give the height. I crumb coated the cake with Wilton spring green coloring mixed in vanilla icing.

The blades of grass are very simple to make just very time consuming. I used Wilton vanilla candy melts tinted with the spring green coloring. I melted the candy down and placed in a candy bag and piped out each individual blade using the #4 decorating tip from Wilton. I made about 150-200 5″ blades (piping them on waxed paper so it is easy to remove after they are dry).

After the candies were dry I started applying the blades. I put a thicker coat of icing where I was to place the blades. After the first row was on, I filled in the top (about 4 layers in, about 75 1-2″ blades). To do this, just push the blades very easy into the top of the cake. When the first outer layer was dry, I added another layer of icing and then more blades to fill in the gaps. Be very careful not to break off the first layer (they are very fragile).

To have a finished look I bought a pink polka dot ribbon and wrapped it around twice (to have a thicker boarder) and made a bow.

For the Flowers, they are sugar cookies, I used the Wilton daisy cookie cutter and iced them with vanilla icing and used yellow fondant out of a can (I am sure just using yellow icing would work just as well). I purchased 11″ cookie sticks (from Michael’s). Make sure to put the rods in before the cookie cools down too much. I varied the height and cut a couple to make them shorter. I also bent two rods to make the bunch look more symmetrical.

The cake was a huge hit, everyone thought it was a very cool idea for a flower cake. The grass was an awesome touch, something they had never seen before and they loved the added texture to the cake (everyone wanted a piece of cake with grass.

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