Cool Homemade Darth Vader Birthday Cake

This Darth Vader Birthday Cake was done all by hand and every part of it you can eat! I started with three 2 inch each chocolate fudge cakes, held together with chocolate frosting. On top of these I placed two, two inch cakes, lining the back of the cakes up with each other.

I then took a serrated knife and carved the head and to make the bottom mask part I took a six inch cake and cut it to fit the front part, I took the pieces and shavings from the other parts of the cake to fill in and add depth. Using black fondant, I covered the entire carving with this.

I then took the extra fondant to use to make the extra pieces, eyes, mouth, mask parts. Then I took the Wilton sparkle gel to go around the edges of the base in the front. I also used this gel to accent the top of the helmet band and above the rim of the helmet.

I covered the eyes to make them pop. For the mask mouth piece I mixed the silver dust with the white sparkle gel and added a tiny amount of vanilla, make sure you add the vanilla it makes the silver come out stronger. I covered the edges of the mask with fondant and then cut three small strips for the inside of the mouth.

To add the shine to the cake I used olive oil and painted the top and cheeks to make it look shiny. Do not use a lot and use a soft basting brush for this. This a heavy cake. Make sure it is support well. I had the best time making this for the little gentleman that received it, the look on his face let me know that it was all he expected and more! If you have any questions about it, please let me know!

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  1. This cake was $50, this was the first one I had done ! I could not nor did I have a clue what the price should be until after the fact, If I have a chance to do another it will be more, unless for family or such !!! Thank you for your comments, I enjoyed doing this cake so very much !!!


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