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Coolest Dr. Seuss Cat in Hat Cake

I had gotten an email from a customer to do a Dr. Seuss cake. They wanted it to look like he was coming up through the cake. I studied and studied other ideas and how I could make this happen. I am no expert on fondant. I rolled up my sleeves and went for the challenge. I did have to study techniques from YouTube a lot. I had no clue how to do this and was nervous about it. But with a little practice I figured it out.

I baked my white vanilla cake then made my butter cream icing. I sculpted rice crispy for the hat and face. I colored my fondant. I covered in fondant and used floral wire for his whiskers.  I used skewers to attach the hat to the head. The rim of the hat was made of gum paste. I cut out a circle and let dry over night. I took black edible marker and made the black marks on his hat.  His fingers are balls of fondant as well as his nose And eyes. The most fun was getting all my pieces and parts put together and seeing my creation come to life. I couldn’t wait till the customer would see it.

I was very excited about the outcome. I was even more excited to see the customer’s face once I delivered it. I love that feeling where I know I made someone’s day special. My five year old wanted him all for himself. He actually thought this was a real live cat in the hat from the movies. I had to tell him over and over not to touch him.  I hope one day to have my own bakery where I can put a smile on someone’s face. It’s so rewarding to bake sweet memories!