Coolest Dr Who Dalek Sec Cake

Looked everywhere for a Dalek cake for my son for his 9th birthday. Tried to make a chocolate one but had an unmitigated disaster when at 12.30am (after 4 hours of work) the day before his party the whole thing collapsed and went up my white wall – much to my horror!!

My hubby reassured me, after many tears, that not only could I do a new one but I could do an improved one…he was right! I changed my tactics – bought two 7″ chocolate cakes and one 7″ Victoria Sponge so children had a choice.

I used a Dalek figure my son had as a guide and it was the best thing I could do because making a 3-D cake from pictures is a nightmare!

I placed the two choccie cakes at the bottom and the sponge on top and cut pieces off until the shape was roughly that of a Dalek – ensuring that the angular shape of the base was correct. I covered the whole thing using the pre-bought rolled (royal – I think) icing. I put the middle of the circle of icing over the head and let it fall over it gently. I was then able to cut excess bits off and then add extra bits where needed using water to ‘glue’ bits on until I got a firm base to work on.

For the eye stalk I added a wooden bamboo skewer and used a blue bobbled licorice allsort for the eye and a licorice wheel by unraveling it and then wrapping it around the blue sweet and then wrapping the rest around the skewer. Wetting the licorice allowed it to glue to itself. For the shorter stalks I used cocktail sticks and covered them in the icing. I also covered the eye stalk with white icing.

I then added all the extra lumps and balls etc using water and icing moulded into shape by hand. I used cake decorating silver balls pushed into the icing for the multitude of rivets which did add a little something I think.

I found black food colouring in a little bottle and used a new cleaned paintbrush to make it black over and there you have it…

My son and his friends loved it and in the end refused to eat it so had to have a stand by cake ready!!

A full year later am thinking of making him a Ghost Rider Cake – if it works out alright will add that one on.

Coolest Dr Who Dalek Sec Cake

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