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Cool Homemade Easter Basket Cake with Mini Chocolate eggs

My 8 year old daughter’s school were doing an Easter display and asked all the children to make an Easter Basket out of an material they liked. My daughter asked if we could do ours out of cake!!

We made three round chocolate cakes and filled them with chocolate butter cream. We then carved a hole in the center of the top of the cake, and covered the whole cake in a layer of butter cream.

We rolled out white fondant icing into strips and weaved them together before VERY carefully layered this over the sides of the cake to create the basket.

Inside the hole in the top we piped fine squiggly lines of yellow butter cream to create the look of straw. And piped green butter cream at the bottom of the cake for grass.

Next we filled the center with mini chocolate eggs and flake pieces and placed mini sugar bunnies, chicks and fondant butterflies around the cake.

The handle was made by covering cake wiring in white fondant icing.

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