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Coolest Easter Basket Cake 2013

I made a basket cake for our Easter celebration in the church. I imagine this cake to look like a real basket so I decided to make the base color to be brown and since I like the pink color I put a little touch of pink color on it. I used the whipped cream that can easily be purchased here in Japan and use the Wilton food color on it. I used the basket weave piping  to  make  it  look   like basket .

I used long dessicated  coconut and put green color on it  to make it look like green grass. Then I put butterflies on each side to make it look like these butterflies are flying around that I purchased on the internet. This cake is a three layer chiffon cake, its a marble chiffon cake. For the handle I used fondant then covered it with aluminium foil and covered it again with pink ribbon.

I had fun making this cake and after I’m was done with it I was not really satisfied with my basket weave piping but it didn’t look like cake, it really looked like basket for me. There you are, my 2013 Easter basket cake.

Ester basket cake