I baked this Homemade Easter Bunny in Basket & Cupcake Cake for my husband, who turned. Since Easter is around the corner and I just got my “Jumbo Cupcake” from a friend in the USA, I wanted to try to bake a Jumbo cupcake for my husband’s birthday.

I loves to use “Betty Crocker” premix. My husband loves the premix cake. It’s my 1st time baking using a Jumbo Cupcake. I used the base of the Jumbo Cupcake for a basket. The buttercream, I used vanilla buttercream as that’s my husband’s favorite. I used tip #47 to pipe a basketweaves around the Jumbo Cupcake base. Then I used tip #233 for the grass. As for the bunny, I melted white chocolate chips & molded into the bunny mold.

Since I had some batter left, I baked 12 standard cupcakes. To assemble the cake, I put the white chocolate Bunny in the middle of the Jumbo Cupcakes & scatter some chocolate candy as an eggs.

My husband said it’s to fancy but our kids loved it. I’m so happy that I manage to make the huge Jumbo Cupcake. I’m going to make it again, this Jumbo Cupcake for the Easter Day to bring to my daughter’s school to celebrate it!