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Pretty Homemade Pink Easter Basket Cake

I made this Easter Basket cake for our family’s Easter egg hunt. Everyone loved it! I used yellow cake mix (just 1 box).

I just used two 8in round cake pans for this cake. I mixed the Wilton decorating icing with Wilton Rose pink coloring for the basket. I used the basket weaving tip for this. Tip #48 I think. I did a thin layer of green icing on the top and covered it with green coconut. I just put the shredded coconut (about half a bag) in a Ziploc bag and put like 8 drops of green food coloring in it, closed it then just shook it and worked the food coloring into the coconut with my hands.

Then I just put that on top the cake with some Starburst Easter eggs on that! It was really easy! Everyone thought the “grass” on top was the bag grass that you buy for Easter baskets. The green turned out perfect and the pink was very festive! It fed about 15 people.

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  1. I just loved the colors of this cake. It looks just like a Easter basket. Great job! I think I will try this next year too. Thank you for posting.


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