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Coolest Easter Basket Cake

I decided a year ago I wanted to make my 2 girls a Princess Birthday Castle; since then I have been making cakes for every occasion and party to get good for the Castle cake. I didn’t start out so well, I have never taken any classes, but through watching video online and reading TONS of cake websites and with tons of practice I am willing to try anything. With each cake I have acquired new baking tools and tons of decorating tips. I still need lots of practice on my flowers, but I have become good with making and working with buttercream frosting.

I always make cupcake Easter baskets for Easter, and decided to make an Easter basket cake this year. I made 2- 9″ round cakes out of yellow box cake mix, layered with frosting and crumb coated it. Let that sit while I practiced on a flat surface making basket weave using a #47 tip and buttercream frosting. Once I got it down packed, I made a cardboard fake round cake. I then practiced making weave on that (upright position).

Then I moved on to the real cake. I marked my cake with 16 vertical lines, to help with keeping my weave even. Once weave was finished, I topped it with a rope border and shell bottom border. I actually went to this site to get ideas on how to decorate the top. I made some grass and topped with “Peeps” candy, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs. Made buttercream flowers and leaves. I added a plastic handle, that I got from my kids beach bucket and put frosting flowers around the handles to hide the indentions.

Because I had never practiced basket weave before, with practice time and decorating, it took me 5 hours. And I ended up with a cute Easter Basket Cake!

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