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Cool Homemade Basket-Weave Easter Basket Cake

This Easter basket cake was designed for my Nephew’s first Birthday. I started with three cakes, which I used packet mixes and colored pink, lilac and yellow and sandwiched these together with buttercream. I found a great recipe for buttercream on the Wilton’s website. I used the High Humidity Icing recipe, as I was afraid of the hot weather ruining the icing before the cake got to the party.

I decorated the cake with basketweave (instructions for this were on the Wilton’s web site) piping and added marshmallow chickens and rabbits to the side of the cake. I cut a section out of the top of the cake and filled it with green tinted shredded coconut to form a ‘nest’. Alternatively, you could use green icing piped as grass instead of the coconut for the ‘nest’

I then filled the nest with chocolate eggs and ‘chickens’ which I purchased from a novelty shop. It was a huge hit.

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