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Coolest Easy and Beautiful Ocean Theme Cake

My husband and son made this beautiful ocean theme cake for our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet Father-Son Bake off. It won a couple of awards at the celebration and my son was sooo excited!  We had an Ocean Themed Father-Son Bake-Off because our pack is travelling to Jekyll Island, GA for our annual Memorial Day Camping Trip.

The cake:

  •  Boxed Pound Cake Mix. They used 6 boxes: 2 for each 12 inch layer and 1 for each 9 in layer (Walmart)
  •  Butter cream icing colored with sky blue color gel (Walmart)
  •  The Octopus: Fondant colored with orange color gel (Walmart)
  •  The Sea Turtles: Sour Peach Rings (Rite Aid), Spearmint leaves sliced in half for each flipper (CVS), Orange gum drops for the shells (we used the small gum drops, but the larger ones would’ve looked a little better (Rite Aid)), green gumdrop for the head, and mini chocolate chips for the eyes (we “glued” them with icing).
  •  The Sea Floor: Crushed Toffee (found on the baking aisle with the chocolate chips)
  •  The Seaweed/Sea Grass: Sour candy strips (found at a candy store)
  •  Various Gummy Sea Creatures (found at the candy store)

I hope you enjoy making this as much as my guys did!