Easy Homemade Fancy Nancy Cake

My daughter wanted a Fancy Nancy birthday. So, I did some research and found information on frozen buttercream transfers. It sounded pretty easy so I took a shot and it was extremely easy!

I made my buttercream frosting as I always do. I printed out a picture of Fancy Nancy in MIRROR IMAGE and covered with wax paper. Next I outlined everything in black, then went on from there. You need to think of it in layers. Front of picture to background. I started with her face, then her tiara, then hair. I did pink first, then orange, etc.

After filling in with my homemade mixture of colors I froze it for an hour then flipped it on my frosted cake. It’s raised a little but I just filled in with the background color, it blends in. Then I added the embellishments around and on the side and last the writing (the face didn’t melt or disfigure in anyway. I was worried it would become soft and lose its effect but it didn’t).

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